Hebie 780 Viper City Master

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Hebie Viper Stadtmeister 780 078042E1 Mudguard Set 28 Inch for up to 42 mm Wheel Width

80 - The successful cross-over of mudguard and a solid functional guard

The successful cross-over of mudguard and solid functional guard: sporty and practical, simple and individual, SNAP‘N‘SLIDE!

Struts: The mudguard can first calmly be put into position and then be fixed into its final position at the exact distance front the tyre. The ends of the struts disappear at infinitely variable positions into an elegantly shaped guide which easily snaps onto the edge of the mudguard: SNAP.

Extension: Up till now, a mudguard had to be either sporty or functional, but this is no longer the case, adjustments can be made according to the season or weather. The rear mudguard can be shortened/lengthened by 30 cm. simply push it in or pull it out: SLIDE.

  • suits 28" wheel size
  • set including front and rear guard
  • excellent protection
  • rear guard extends from sporty to all-round protection
  • incl. fixings (screws, rack mount etc.) and stay set 799 uniVIP
  • available in colours black, silver and white
  • width approx. 42 mm
  • weight 300 g


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