SUP Locks

Thousands Worth of Paddle Gear Saved from Theft with DocksLocks SUP Locks

DocksLocks security system is a stand-up paddleboard lock, and surfboard lock designed to deter theft and provide peace of mind. The system secures various types of boards and gear, including surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, wakeboards, kiteboards, kayaks, and paddles. Similar to how a bicycle lock protects bikes, DocksLocks offers comprehensive security for a wide range, of sports equipment. Whether you need to secure your boards, bicycles, kayaks, or skis, DocksLocks can lock everything in one place, safeguarding your valuable gear.

The Complete DXLX® SUP Locks/Surf System is a comprehensive solution to protect your surfb..
The Surfboard and SUP Board Lock Extra DXLX® JAWThe DXLX® JAW is an additional component..
DXLX® Universal Board Cleat is an excellent way to protect your Wake board & Sno..
DXLX® Fin Box Track CleatThe DXLX® Fin Box Track Cleat is designed to fit into the f..
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