Pletscher Double Leg Kickstands Max Load 35kg with F8 Mounting Kit & Shoes

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World Famous Pletscher BIPOD Centre Double Leg Kickstand

The Pletscher ESGE double-leg kickstand is a practical accessory for cyclists who frequently carry loads. Made in Switzerland, this kickstand helps keep your bike upright while attaching or removing items and adds a sleek look. Ideal for loaded touring bikes, commuting, or even changing a flat tire, the Pletscher bipod double-leg kickstand simplifies these tasks.

Key Features:

Stability: Provides stable support due to its double-leg design, making it perfect for heavy-duty applications.

Compatibility: Clamps underneath the bike’s chainstay and fastens with the F8 kickstand mount kit, which sits behind the bottom bracket.

Convenience: Both legs fold up to the left side when not in use

Versatility: Suitable for use with, single-wheeled trailers like the Bob Trailer or Extra Wheel, ensuring easy parking and trailer attachment/detachment.

Material and Finish: Available in Black and Polished Alloy Matt Black (Corrosion Proof Powder-coated paint technology)

Adaptability: One size fits all, with legs that can be cut down for smaller wheeled bikes.

Warranty: Comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Ideal Uses:

Touring Bicycles: Great for bikes loaded with racks and panniers.

Commuter and Utility Bikes: Eliminates hassles with loading and parking. (Especially when carrying Precious family cargo)

Tandems and Cargo Bikes: Provides a stable base even when pulling trailers or carrying heavy loads.

By offering a strong, stable base, the Pletscher ESGE double-leg kickstand is a valuable addition for anyone needing reliable support for their bike.

The ESGE comes in one size that fits all bicycle sizes. Legs can be cut down with a hacksaw to work better with smaller wheeled bicycles. Pletscher offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on their ESGE double-leg kickstands.

Product Upgrades as of January 2024

  • Pletscher replaced the compression spring for all our kickstands with new spring steel and optimized the lifting and shear stress. This results in a kickstand with a much more stable spring and longer functionality.
  • Corrosion protection All kickstands and luggage carriers are now provided with corrosion protection, as used in the automotive industry. This means that we can largely exclude the ingress of salt water, blistering, and edge corrosion.


  • Bicycle Centre Kickstand
  • Patented Push spring movement
  • Aluminium-die cast GD-AlSi9Cu3

Delivered with

  • F8 Mounting Kit Included color-matched to kickstand
  • Nylon Kickstand Shoes L&R pair included and mounted
  • All stands now include a Nylon Easy Tab for opening and closing 


  • Powder-coated Matt black/Metallic Silver Polished
  • Pin steel hardened, galvanized
  • Bolt M 10 x 55
  • Washer galvanized F6


  • Support 58 x 31 x 66
  • Strut length L1 Model S 305mm/26" 
  • Strut length L1 Model L 320mm/28" (Can be trimmed with a hacksaw)
  • Max. Strut length 28"
  • Weight Model L 542g
  • Max. Load 35 kg

To prevent a sudden turning of the handlebar, we recommend installing the Hebie steering stabilizer (695 or 696)


NOTE: All Pletscher kickstands carry a Patented Spring mechanism with a Patented Dampening function, and have more stability under load than any other kickstand on the market today.


A Swiss family business started in 1919 specializing in high-quality aluminum die castings, reverted to bicycle parts only with production in 2004. Pletscher kickstands and carriers licensed to ESGE have been imported by Joad Sportz Supplies since 2002. Pletscher uses its custom mold to ensure perfect casting production. The brand is renowned for its high quality and long life carrying a 3-year guarantee. 

NOTE: Returns Refunds

Please ensure this kickstand is suitable for your bicycle by double-checking, the mounting position behind the bottom bracket. If you require assistance email us photos of the center mounting area of your bicycle.

We have recently adopted a no-return refund policy for goods that are incorrectly ordered, partly installed, chipped, dented, or scratched. Over the past few months, we’ve noticed an increasing number of customers ordering incorrect parts and attempting to return them in the conditions described above, making them un-sellable as new products.

Thank you for your understanding

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