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World Famous Pletscher BIPOD Centre Double Leg Kickstand

The Pletscher ESGE double kickstand is really helpful for anyone who carries a load on their bike. It will keep your bike upright when you are attaching things to it, and it looks really cool. So whether you are trying to attach or take off panniers on a loaded touring bike, or changing a flat tire on your commute bike the Pletscher bipod double kickstand will make your life a lot easier. Both legs fold up to one side when not in use. Swiss made. Available in Black & Silver This Unique, Swiss-made, heavy-duty, twin kickstand provides very stable support because of its double leg design. The kickstand clamps to your Chain stays (or mounts to a kickstand plate) directly behind the bottom bracket. Both legs fold up along the non-drive side of the bicycle. The ESGE kickstand is especially useful when using a single wheeled trailer such as a Bob Trailer or an Extra wheel. With an ESGE it is a breeze to park your bike and trailer as well as mount or dismount your trailer from your bicycle.

We highly recommend this kickstand for all sorts of uses where a strong stable base for your bike comes in handy. The ESGE is a must have for tandems whether or not they are pulling trailers. It is great on touring bicycles loaded with racks and panniers. For commuter and utility bikes, this kickstand eliminates hassles associated with loading and parking. Two wheeled bike cargo and bike child trailers stay upright on their own. However, when you lay your bicycle down it lowers the front end of the trailer. Using the ESGE keeps the trailer level and makes parking and loading or unloading much smoother.

The ESGE comes in one size that fits all bicycle sizes. Legs can be cut down to work better with smaller wheeled bicycles. Pletscher offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the ESGE double kickstand.


  • Centre Kickstand
  • Patented Push spring movement
  • Aluminium-die cast GD-AlSi9Cu3

Delivered with

  • F8 Mounting Kit to colour matched to stand
  • Nylon Kickstand Shoes L&R pair, included and mounted


  • Powder coated gloss black / metallic silver polished
  • Pin steel hardened, galvanised
  • Screw M 10 x 55
  • Washer galvanised F6


  • Support 58 x 31 x 66
  • Strut length L1 Model S 290/26" 
  • Strut length L1 Model L 320/28" (Can be trimmed with hacksaw)
  • Max. Strut length 28"
  • Weight Model L 542g
  • Max. Load 25 kg

To prevent a sudden turning of the handlebar, we recommend to install the Hebie steering stabilizer (695 or 696)


NOTE: All Pletscher kickstands carry a Patented Spring mechanism with Patented Dampening function, and have more stability under load than any other kickstand on the market today.


A Swiss family business started in 1919 specialising in high quality aluminium die castings, reverted to bicycle-parts only production in 2004. Pletscher kickstands and carriers licensed to ESGE have been imported by Joad Sportz Supplies since 2002. Pletscher use their custom moulds to ensure perfect casting production. The brand is renowned for high quality and long life carrying a 3 year guarantee. 

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