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The Complete DXLX® SUP Locks/Surf System is a comprehensive solution to protect your surfboards and stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) from theft.

Here’s what the system includes and how it works:


10ft Stainless Steel, Coated DXLX® Cable:
This unique cable is delivered with a re-settable combination lock, providing a secure and customizable locking mechanism.
Cleat for Use in Fin Track:
The cleat fits into the fin box channel of your SUP, serving as an anchor point for the locking system.
DXLX® Jaw:
The jaw is a crucial component that secures the cable to the board through the cleat, completing the locking system.

The system is designed to securely lock your SUP or surfboard reducing the risk of theft when left unattended.
Ideal for use when you need to leave your board on the roof of your car, at the beach, or in any public place. This can be particularly useful if you make stops on your way to or from your drop-in point.
Peace of Mind:
Given the high cost of SUPs, often around $1000 or more, having a reliable locking system can significantly reduce anxiety about potential theft.


Frequently Asked Questions about DocksLocks SUP Locks System

Q: How can I lock multiple boards with SUP Locks DocksLocks?

A: To lock multiple boards, you need an extra jaw for each additional board you want to secure. Attach a jaw to each board and run the DXLX cable through each jaw.

Q: Will the DocksLocks SUP Locks System damage my board?

A: No the DocksLocks SUP Locks System is designed with board-friendly materials. High-grade stainless steel ensures the lock will not rust, even around salt water. The swivel action of the jaw prevents damage to your board when attached.

Q: What if my board does not have a leash plug?

A: If your board does not have a leash plug, install the provided fin track cleat and attach the jaw to it.

Q: Will DocksLocks work with SUP boards?

A: Yes, the DocksLocks system works with virtually any board. If your SUP board doesn’t have a leash plug, simply install the cleat in your SUP fin track.

Q: Can I lock my wakeboard or kiteboard with DocksLocks?

A: Yes, the DocksLocks wake/kiteboard system is designed for use with any board that has inserts. Install the universal cleat provided with the wake/kite system, attach the jaw, and you’re ready to go.

Q: What does DocksLocks lock to?

A: DocksLocks can be attached to any stationary object, such as roof racks, park benches, and bike racks. The possibilities are endless.

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